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Death Notice From The RFA

The Retired Firefighters  Association regrets to notify our members of the death of Dennis L. Boatman on August 29, 2015.
Brother Boatman was appointed on 5-22-60 to Engine 14 and retired
on 10-24-97 as Deputy Fire Chief.
Funeral arrangements will follow as soon as they become available.

The Boatman family wishes to express their thanks to all the members of the RFA for the kindness shown to their father during his illness.

11th Street Bridge

August 26, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos courtesy Engine 15 and Squad 3

An overturned tractor trailer on the westbound 11th Street Bridge created headaches for drivers and firefighters alike on Wednesday afternoon, August 26th.

Arriving units found the truck on its side on the ramp to I-695. Investigating further, they determined the cargo included eleven 250 gallon containers of polyurethane, all of which were leaking.

As a result, a hazmat assignmemt was requested. Cleanup work continued throughout the afternoon and late into the evening.

Metro Drill - Stadium Armory

August 25, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

DC firefighters got a chance to test their skills in the metro system during a large scale drill at the Stadium Armory station on Sunday morning, August 25th.

Approximately a dozen suppression companies, along with EMS and a number of chiefs, participated in the scenario, which involved a fire aboard an occupied metro train in the tunnel.

The drill included 20 passengers who had to be evacuated from the burning train.

Under the command of Special Ops Battalion Chief Bobby Mullikin, the units simulated extinguishing two fires while actually removed the trains occupants, in a test of current protocols and working in close conjunction with metro staff.

Washington Monument

August 25, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

What goes up, must come down, but on Tuesday night, August 25th, that involved DC firefighters carrying two pregnant woman 400 feet to the ground from the top of the Washington Monument.

The two were among approximately 50 visitors enjoying the view from the observation level when the elevator malfunctioned.

Engine 2 was originally dispatched to the scene, but called for a Battalion Chief, truck company, and EMS units after assessing the situation.

Stair chairs were used for the long haul down. EMS personnel evaluated both patients and one was transported for checkup.

304 Seaton Place N.E.

August 24, 2015: By Vito Maggiolo

First Battalion units did brief battle with a roof fire on Monday afternoon, August 24th.

The small fire, apparently the result of roofing work, took place at a two story row house at 304 Seaton Place NE.

Firefighters located flames in a soffett area on side one of the dwelling, and confined it to the area of origin.

The incident was handled by a box alarm assignment.

Captain Troxell Celebrates 30 Years of Service

August 22, 2015: Courtesy Sergeant Ed Lehan

On Saturday August 22, 2015 members from Engine 10 & Truck 13 celebrated 30 years of service for Captain Troxell T-13-4.

Fire Chief Gregory Dean attended and presented him with a plaque. Later in the evening several Battalion Fire Chiefs and surrounding companies gathered to share stories and have desert.

Fire Chief Dean was also presented a station "House of Pain" award for his leadership and support in helping to make this department great once more.

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904 Butternut Street N.W.

August 20, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

For the second time this week, a large group of residents were able to safely flee a burning home in the Fourth Battalion during the early morning hours.

The latest blaze took place on Thursday, August 28th, at 904 Butternut Street NW. It was reported shortly before 5 AM.

Flames originated on the first floor of the two story detached frame house, and extended to the second floor and roofline before being controlled by a box and working fire assignment.

There were no injuries and searches proved negative.

5409 7th Street N.W.

August 17, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Seven people were able to escape a burning home in the wee hours of Monday, August 17.

The blaze was reported around 4:15 in a two story end of row at 5409 7th Street NW.

The flames may have originated on the exterior, but fire did extend into the first and second floors.

It took a box and working fire assignment about 30 minutes to control the incident.

Rescue Drill At U.S. Capitol Building

August 16, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photos Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

Sunday, August 16, was no day of rest for DC firefighters as they conducted a rescue drill high in the air on the dome of the US Capitol.

The scenario involved an injured worker in the dome, which is undergoing major repairs.

Tower 3 and personnel and units from the Special Operations Division were involved in the training, which was done with the cooperation of the Architect of the Capitol.

Click here for additional photos

1748 L Street N.E.

August 8, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

One civilian was rushed to the hospital with serious burns after a blaze in a Northeast home shortly before midnight on Saturday, August 8th.

The fire involved a room on the top floor of a two story dwelling at 1748 L Street NE.

There was an initial report of people trapped, and firefighters were able to pull an adult male from the blaze.

The fire was controlled with a box and working fire assignment.

5326 Clay Terrace N.E.

August 8, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

It was a real case of guns and hoses when DC police shot a knife wielding woman at the scene of a working fire on Saturday evening, August 8th.

Firefighters had just arrived at 5326 Clay Terrace Northeast with fire showing first floor when Engine 19 reported gunfire at the scene.
The gunplay took place when officers confronted a female with a knife, who was shot when she refused their command to drop it.

A working fire dispatch was sounded to deal with the blaze as EMS treated and transported the wounded victim.

The fire, which was reported around 6:20 PM, was quickly brought under control, and searches were negative.

Smithsonian Metro

August 6, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

A potentially disastrous call fortunately turned out to be something far less in the dawn hours of Thursday, August 6th.

DC Fire units were dispatched around six AM for a reported metro train derailment at the Smithsonian stop.

Firefighters arrived to encounter a work train that had several cars derail at a switch point near the station. The good news was that there were no passengers aboard, no injuries, and no fire.

DC Fire assisted metro in surveying and securing the scene.

1814 Minnesota Avenue S.E.

August 6, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Photo Courtesy DC Fire & EMS

DC firefighters made quick work of a house blaze in the Third Battalion during the wee hours of Thursday, August 6th.

The fire broke out around 3 AM in a two story dwelling at 1814 Minnesota Avenue SE.

Units arrived to find flames on the first floor, and a working fire dispatch was requested.

The fire was knocked down in short order, and searches of the home proved negative.

1719 Euclid Street N.W.

August 3, 2015: Story & Photos By Elliot J Goodman

Early Monday evening DC Firefighters were dispatched to 1719 Euclid Street N.W. for the report of a building on fire. While en route units were given 1721 as well and the report of people trapped.

Upon arrival Engine 9 had heavy fire showing in the rear on the second and third floors and into the roof. It was a difficult fire to fight as the building was broken up into different levels and had no rear position access. The rear walkways were like a jungle with debris and several fences hampering the operation.

Due to the extreme difficulty in getting to the fire, a Second Alarm was sounded. Units were on the scene about 2 hours and rehab unit staffed by Chris and Elliot was appreciated.

650 Water Street S.W.

August 3, 2015: Story By Alan Etter

Photos By Jarrid Gaston & Alan Etter

Just before 4 PM, units responded for the building fire, located at 650 Water St., Southwest. First arriving units found smoke from side a of the building issuing up from an underground parking garage.

The building is the former Channel Inn, now housing components of the PN Hoffman company, which is redeveloping the Southwest waterfront. Heavy smoke was encountered on the interior of the parking garage, and it was found a storage closet in the garage was on fire.

The fire was quickly extinguished, but a tremendous amount of smoke was produced, extending to the entire parking garage and both of the two upper floors. Workers were safely evacuated, and no injuries were reported.

The cause of the fire appears to be an overheated fan motor in the building's ventilation system.

1150 17th Street N.W.

August 2, 2015: Story By Vito Maggiolo

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital for observation after a downtown fire on Saturday evening, August 1st.

The action began when Engine 1, dispatched on an automatic fire alarm around 9 PM to 1150 17th Street NW, requested the box for possible fire on the 12th floor.

Smoke conditions were encountered on several floors, but the source could not be immediately located, and a working fire dispatch was sounded. Eventually, the fire was located in a switch room at the penthouse level, which sent smoke spiraling down the elevator shafts.

It took about two hours to declare the incident under control. The Rehab Unit was also requested to the scene to provide relief for exhausted firefighters.



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